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    Wenzhou Qisan Energy Tech Co.,Ltd is a leading company specialized in developing , manufacturing , and marketing advanced power inverter and system for mobile market and PV industry since 2014.The power inverter converts and controls raw electrical power from any renewable or back up power source into high quality pure sine wave power.
    Our products ranges from off-grid high frequency pure sine wave inverter(150W to 8000W) and grid-tied inverter(200W to 2000W).Most of them are hot-sale products in the market.
   Wenzhou Qisan Energy Tech is identified as one of the most famous trademarks in China for pure sine wave inverter because of its high reliability ,reasonable service.
    Committed ourselves to improving environment and making contribution to the renewable energy industry ,we at Qisan will continue develop efficient and cost-effective solution to bring more green electricity to our users.



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Wenzhou Qisan Energy Tech Co.,Ltd
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